9th Islamiyat Notes

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Study Resource Score+1
9th Islamiyat Notes

On this page you can download 9th class Islamiyat/Islamic Studies Urdu medium Notes. According to the new updated syllabus for the year 2021. You can download chapter wise complete notes in PDF format. In addition, in order to prepare your Islamiyat exams, these notes will also tell you about the important questions. You can prepare grade 9 Islamic Studies’ long, short as well as multiple choice questions easily.

What are 9th Class Islamiyat Notes?

In case you’re a 9th level student or teacher, you surely know Islamiyat/Islamic Studies is a compulsory subject for 9 class students. In order to pass grade 9 annual exam, students must have to secure 33% marks in this subject. Moreover, English medium students attempt their Islamic Studies paper in English. While, Urdu medium students solve their Islamiyat paper in Urdu medium. Therefore, in order to secure good marks in Islamiyat, you’ll need to understand all the exercises’ question of of this subject.

How to Download Islamiyat Notes?

As mentioned before, you can download or read online complete Islamiyat notes on this page. In order to download notes, click on the download link of a Islamiyat unit in following table. When you’ll click on the download link of a particular unit, another window will open. Furthermore, on this new window, scroll down to find download button. Just click on that “Download” button & the download will start. Finally, locate your notes’ PDF file & start reading it.

NOTE: In order to view notes locally on your PC/Laptop/Mobile Phone, you’ll need a PDF file viewer application installed. You can download any free PDF file viewer for your machine, like Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other. In case you find difficulty, comment below, we’ll love to assist you.

Download 9th Class Islamiyat Notes

In order to download Islamiyat / Islamic Study Notes, click on a unit below;

Sr. No.Notes Name & DescriptionDownload / View Link
1Complete Surah Al-Anfal with Solved Objectives (مکمل سورہ الانفال بمعہ معروضی و حل شدہ مختصر سوالات)Download / View
2Complete Hadiths 1 to 10 (مکمل احادیث 1 تا 10)Download / View
3Quran Majeed – Tawruf, Hifazat & Fazail (قرآن مجید – تعارف، حفاظت، فضائل)Download / View
4Allah aur Us k Rasool ﷺ ki Muhabbat aur Atawat (اللہ تعالیٰ اور اس کے رسول ﷺ کی محبت و اطاعت)Download / View
5Ilm ki Farziyat wa Fazeelat (علم کی فرضیت و فضیلت)Download / View
6Zakat – Farziyat, Ahmiyat aur Masarif (زکوٰت – فرضیت، اہمیت اور مصارف)Download / View
*Complete Hadiths Important Objective & Solved Short Questions (مکمل احادیث مبارکہ اہم ترین معروضی و حل شدہ مختصر سوالات)Download / View

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